Cyber world

Jaykant  kabeerpanth




        Jaykant kabeerpanthi is  27 years old, an independent computer securityexpert and digital intelligence consultant with definitive experience in the field ofInternet security.He has some basic knowladge about the cyber security but there arecontineously try to achive big steps about the security reasion .Acording to me this isnot a erticuler person's or expert's apportunity.This apportunity is belongs to evertycomputer profesionals because we know that now a days cyber crime are grow-upcontinuously                    

There are very big problom is that the india have few no.of intelligence ofcyber security due to this case power hacker of other cuntry are contineosly damegedindian cyber heritage like Pakistan,china,Brazil etc

                       I want to be a part of this golden apportunity and wnat to share this massaged to internet suffers that we have to do somthing to our contry & we have tohigher efforts see a power full country of India in the field of web world